Construction Help Videos (Faun L900 incl. Sd.Ah.115)

Hello everybody,

we received a lot of feedback about the two building instructions for the item DW35003 Faun L900 incl. Sd.Ah.115 and the videos linked there via QR code.
The videos should be a supplement to the actual manual and support you in the crucial construction steps.

The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. But we have also received messages from customers who do not have a smartphone or deliberately put it aside during the construction. For these the videos were barely reachable.

We created now a new section under the heading „Media“ and have the English and German videos linked there directly.

We hope we can make your assembly easier. Should we create such videos again in the future, we will link them on in a timely manner.

Best Regards
Das Werk-Team

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