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Position: CEO
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As the owner and managing director of „Modellbau König GmbH & Co. KG", Harald assembled a team of creative professionals and provided the budgets to pursue one of his dreams: releasing a plastic model kit under his own brand. In late 2018, his dream has come true. Back in 1999, when he made the first steps with his company, he did not imagine that this dream would ever become reality.

Mission accomplished.

Born and raised in California, Pete worked on his design chops as an aerospace designer in Seattle, Washington before packing up and re-locating to Spain. He developed a deep interest in flying machines while growing up next to military air bases in Southern California. After spending a few years as a machinist, making other people's designs a reality, he realized that design was a vocation where the creative and pragmatic elements of his personality could live side by side (though not always in perfect harmony), and so he obtained a bachelor of arts degree in industrial design.
During his time in aerospace, Pete learned the value of flexibility and adaptability. While most of his billable time is spent in front of the computer doing CAD modelling, the things that really bring value to his work are the time spent at the workbench doing physical modeling, the time he spent in manufacturing, and the time spent at model shows, talking with other modelers.
He especially enjoys projects that require an element of "industrial archaeology", where no detailed references exist, and where he is forced to try to get inside the heads of engineers and manufacturers long-since passed.


Position: Project Managment /3D Modelling
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I would like to point out that Das Werk and Uschi van der Rosten are two separate projects respectively companies. I am part of the Das Werk-Team and work for this project, while only Uschi van der Rosten is my completely own venture.


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