About Das Werk Scale Models

Our Mission

Our goal sounds simple: „Models from modeler to modeler!“

But that requires a lot of commitment, hard work and ambition. Our team is full of all these things and it is a pleasure for us to bring kits, figures and other products onto the market that bring you real added value and a lot of joy on the crafting tables and real eye-catchers in the showcases.

Our team is the basis to approach things differently, in a new and unconventional way. Is there a chance to have divers measured a submarine and to incorporate this data into the kit? We've done it!
A team member wrote a story while working on an airplane? We support this creativity and are happy to publish the story.


The whole project „Das Werk Scale Models“ was launched in 2017, but the story begins much earlier.

Das Werk is a proud part of the MBK-Family (Modellbaukönig GmbH & Co. KG), which has been successful as a retailer in the end customer area as well as in the B2B area since 2001. In 2009 the company gained its first experience as a producer with the ready-made model brand „Panzerstahl“.

In the years that followed, various cooperations between MBK and different companies followed. These ran under the name „MBK Models“ and were primarily re-editions of popular and often missing models.

Sometimes the kits were only in new packaging, but sometimes there were also completely new combinations of kits and accessories, as well as their complete new figures on a scale of 1:35.

That is the cornerstone and the midwifery of the idea and for the entire Project. With Das Werk we have perfected the path we have chosen.

The first Steps:

The first product that we ever planned and published under our name Das Werk was DW48001, the Luftwaffe Jack Stand Set (Einheitsspindelböcke), along with DW48002, the extended Set of the Jack Stand. Both sets were released on August (22.08.2017).

Shortly afterwards, on October (20.10.2017), we were able to release three kits (Soviet Aerosan RF-8/ GAZ-98, Soviet Union UAZ-69 & German E-50 Standardpanzer). We worked with DEF Model, Trumpeter, Uschi van der Rosten & Voyager Models on these.

The first big kit:

We then started planning our first, completely our own plastic kit. The aim was to create something that has not been there before. We initially agreed that it should be a vehicle and that it should be as versatile as possible. We agreed on an era, a nation and also on the type of vehicle.
A Faun L900 should be our first big project. We had received good feedback on our products so far, but were not yet known as a developer and manufacturer of our own kits.
Our entry had to be overwhelming! It goes well with the fact that we had the opportunity to also bring the matching Sonderanhänger 115 onto the market. The plans that the manufacturer Customscale used for its resin model served as the basis for our plastic model.
We decided to combine the two models and wanted to stir up the market with them.

The fact that I am writing here about our beginnings now, in 2021 and 63 more products later (including an improved version of the Faun), confirms that our idea was a success!
We are very pleased and proud that you give us the opportunity to continue to publish interesting, new and useful products. Still we have a lot of exciting ideas on the desks and several products are in development or production. We very much hope that these also correspond to your wishes.

We are excited to see what the future has in store for us!

Best Regards
The Das-Werk-Team

A few words from Harald, the CEO:

As the owner and managing director of the „Modellbau König GmbH & Co. KG", I assembled a team of creative professionals and provided the budgets to pursue one of my dreams: releasing a plastic model kit under his own brand.

In late 2018, my dream has come true. Back in 1999, when I made the first steps with my company, I did not imagine that this dream would ever become reality.

Mission accomplished.

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