Improved Multi-Media Kits

Sometimes there are good kits that are really fun and which look great in the end. But as an enthusiastic modeler, sometimes that certain something is missing.
We would like to fill this gap by offering these kits directly with suitable accessories. Especially the decals are often a sticking point and here we have made our own thoughts about the topic. In the end, anyone who values detailed models, expects an all-round successful and fun experience

Soviet Aerosan RF-8/ GAZ-98

Trumpeter Kit
+ woodgrain decals (Uschi van der Rosten)

+ Photo etchparts (Voyager Models)

Soviet Union UAZ-69

Trumpeter Kit
+ resin wheels and paintmask (DEF Model)
+ exclusive decals for the East German Army (NVA) and East German Boarder Patrol (Grenztruppen der DDR)
+ Photo etchparts (Voyager Models)

German E-50 Standardpanzer

Trumpeter Kit
+ aluminum barrel

+ 3 exclusive decals for Endkampf Divisions

+ Photo etchparts (Voyager Models)


You can do it alone. But together it is more fun.

We cooperated with the following partners:

  • DEF Model
  • Uschi van der Rosten
  • Trumpeter
  • Voyager Models

So we could bring a smile to the lovers of extremely detailed models in the face.