20. January 2020
Only a few more days until this year's International Toy Fair Nuremberg starts on January 29th, 2020. We are also represented there.
01. October 2019
We are very happy to announce that we will release the 10 Ton Tank Trailer individually in November.

29. July 2019
Let us take a first look in the box together!
17. July 2019
The three kits are now available.

11. July 2019
Do not miss the information on the new Panther series by Das Werk.
04. June 2019
Fresh from the development of one of our next kits, these two pictures come from. In the excitement, unfortunately, I could only do these two small pictures... ;)

15. February 2019
We received a lot of feedback on the two building instructions and the videos linked there via QR code.
30. January 2019
We are very happy to announce our next kit today. At the International Toy Fair Nuremberg you can find a finished model.

29. January 2019
We are represented at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg and look forward to your visit. Get a first look at our next projects...
17. January 2019
Welcome to the corporate website of Das Werk!

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