Announcement: le.SPW Sd.Kfz.250/1 Ausf.B (neu)
11. July 2022
We are very happy to be able to deliver this vehicle to you from around the end of August 2022.
Announcement: DW35019 Schwerer kleiner Panzer
10. June 2022
We really like exotic tank destroyers.

Announcement: DW35023 US 155mm Howitzer M1918
10. May 2022
A new gun in 1:35 scale rolls onto the crafting field.
Announcement: DW35028 Pzkpfwg. VI Tiger I late
11. April 2022
We have some great news for you. A new 1:35 scale product awaits you.

Announcement: German 7,5cm Pak40 with 4 Figures
04. February 2022
We are happy to present one of our next product releases to you today.
Announcement: DW35032 Medium Tank T-72M
10. January 2022
We are very excited to announce the first novelty from Das Werk in 2022.

Announcement: DW16002 Panzer III Ausf. J (3 in 1)
22. December 2021
Many of you wanted it. Now it is being realized! The Panzer III in 1:16.
Announcement: DW35026 Raupenschlepper Ost
14. September 2021
We are very happy to announce a cooperation with a well-known producer.

Announcement: DW16001 StuG III Aus.G early
20. August 2021
We are happy to present our next product to you today. For the first time we dedicate ourselves to the 1:16 scale.
New Section: About Us
16. August 2021
We have created an „About Us“-Area for all interested visitors. There you can find out something about our history, our motivation and our goals.

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