Announcement: DW35032 Medium Tank T-72M
10. January 2022
We are very excited to announce the first novelty from Das Werk in 2022.
Announcement: DW16002 Panzer III Ausf. J (3 in 1)
22. December 2021
Many of you wanted it. Now it is being realized! The Panzer III in 1:16.

Announcement: DW35026 Raupenschlepper Ost
14. September 2021
We are very happy to announce a cooperation with a well-known producer.
Announcement: DW16001 StuG III Aus.G early
20. August 2021
We are happy to present our next product to you today. For the first time we dedicate ourselves to the 1:16 scale.

New Section: About Us
16. August 2021
We have created an „About Us“-Area for all interested visitors. There you can find out something about our history, our motivation and our goals.
New Figures - French Gun Crew
16. July 2021
We are very happy to present you our latest figure set.

New Figures in 1:32 and 1:72 (April 2021)
28. April 2021
We have now produced figures to match the two incredibly popular kits of the Ju EF-126 / EF-127 and the U-Boat SM U-9.
24. June 2020
We are very happy to welcome another addition to our portfolio.

27. March 2020
Our Tiger II, also known as King Tiger or Königstiger is now available.
24. March 2020
The four different, earlier announced figures for anti-aircraft guns are now available.

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