Faun L900 Hardtop

9ton Tank Transporter Truck (Includes Softtop cab extra)

Our Kit

Item Number:

  • DW35001

Product Details

  • Highly detailed static plastic model
  • Hartop Version with accurate representation
  • 3 different suspension springs for different load status
    (Unloaded, Neutral and Full loaded)
  • Freightbed side walls buildable up or downwards
  • Contains brass tubing with bendig jig for freight bed arches

The Predecessor

Our first major project in 2019 was the Faun L900 incl. Sd.Ah.115.
The new kit is based on the original model kit in many respects.

Please have a look here for information about the archetype of this kit:
Faun L900 incl. Sd.Ah.115

The Improvements

After the release, we received a lot of feedback from you. The vast majority was very positive, but there were also some criticisms respectively parts of the kit that we could have done better.
We have taken this feedback to heart and discarded our original plans to launch the Faun L900 individually again as a Softtop version.

In these points, the new hardtop version differs from the truck of the combi kit:

  • Hardtop Cabin
    (The parts for the soft top version are additionally still included.)
  • Improved towing hitch/hook
  • Improved exhaust system (muffler)
  • New multiple part plastic wheels with corrected dimensions


The beige (yellow) parts are new and/or improved compared to the version from the DW35003 Faun L900 incl. Sd.Ah.115.


Contains seven different decal variants, four military and three civil versions.

Civil Options:

  • Huber & Friedrich Maschinen Transporte
  • Fredericus Pilsener
  • Weihenstolz Weissbier

Faun Hardtop Concepts


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