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    David (Wednesday, 08 September 2021 19:44)

    Can you make these subjects in 1/35 scale to go with Takom V2 & Strabokran series please?
    Fz402 Flüssigsauerstoff-Anhänger
    Fz403 - the Opel Blitz B-stoff tanker Fz.Pos.No 403
    Fz405 - the Opel Blitz T-stoff tanker Fz.Pos.No 405

    See here -

  • #2

    Bob (Saturday, 19 February 2022 23:59)

    I always liked the many different WWII German half tracks but none of the model manufacturers offer anything larger than 1/35 scale which are too small.

    Would like to see model of these offered in a larger scale like 1/24 or larger.