Faun and Sd.Ah.115 Accessories

On this page we list all accessories for the Faun L900 and the trailer.

DWA001 (Wood Grain Decals for Sd.Ah.115 - DW35003)

One item includes two different sheets in different colours:
- light wood
- dark wood

Due to the different brightness, particularly real-looking effects can be achieved.
The item is for the Sd.Ah.115  (the Trailer), not for the Faun (Truck) itself.

We worked together with Uschi van der Rosten to realize these decals for you.

You can take a look in the instruction here.

Resin Weighted Tires

DWA002 Weighted tires for Faun L900

DWA003 Weighted tires for Sd.Ah.115 (street pattern)

DWA004 Weighted tires for Sd.Ah.115 (country pattern)

Accessory & Load Sets

DWA009 Accessory set for Faun and Sd.Ah.115

DWA010 V-1 in transport for Sd.Ah.115 load

DWA011 Load set for Faun L900 (small)

The production of this set has been discontinued.

DWA012 Load set for Faun L900 (medium)


DWA013 Load set for Faun L900 w/canvas (medium)


Faun Crew (Resin Figures)

The production of these figures has been discontinued.

DWF001 Driver Figure „Franz M.“

DWF002 Co-Driver Figure „Stullen Andi“

DWF003 Faun L900 Crew Figure Set