French Schneider 155mm C17S Howitzer

(France, United States, Spain & Germany)

Canon de 155 C modèle 1917 S

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  • DW35022

Product Details

  • Highly detailed static plastic model
  • WWI versions, Spanish Civil War & German WWII Version
  • Can be built in transport and firing position
  • Two types of ammunition
  • Ammo crates (transport boxes) & shell handling cradle included
  • Two types of loading rammer included
  • Breech can be built open or closed
  • Photo-Etch-Parts included

Please note:

  • No Figures are included


The Schneider 155mm C17S Howitzer, written out Canon de 155 C modèle 1917 S, from Schneider et Cie, dates back to the time of the First World War.

At that time it served primarily in the armies of France, Belgium, Russia and the USA.

After that, the gun was involved in combat again. On both sides, it was heavily used in the Spanish Civil War.

Even after that, it was still used in World War Two, among others by the French and the Germans. There the captured howitzers ran under the designation 15.5 cm sFH 414 (f) and were used in the service of the Afrika Korps in North Africa.

Marking Options & Colour Profiles

The kit includes four different marking options.
Two of these for the era of the first world war, one for the period of the spanish civil war and one from the second world war.

World War I - French Army

„Calamity Jane“ of Battery E, 11th Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Force (AEF),
fired the last artillery round of World War I at 11100 hrs, 11 November 1918

Spanish Civil War 1936 - 1939

World War II - Germany, Africa, Tunisia (DAK)

Optional Figure Set


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