GFF „Eagle IV“ EKT / FüPers 2013

Geschütztes Führungs- und Funktionsfahrzeug

DW35039 - Scale 1:35

Our Kit

Item Number:

  • DW35039
  • Scale: 1:35

Product Details

  • Highly detailed static plastic model
  • Can be built as Einsatzkameratrupp or FüPers
  • Full interior
  • 4 decal options (Bundeswehr, ISAF, Irish & German UN (MINUSMA)
  • Clear parts included
  • Photo-etched parts included


The GFF "Eagle IV" is a wheeled armoured vehicle that plays a significant role in modern military operations, particularly for the German Army, as part of the Armoured Command and Multipurpose Vehicles (Geschützte Führungs- und Funktionsfahrzeuge, GFF) Programme Category 2.
It has been designed to enhance the safety of soldiers during missions abroad, boasting easy transportability, agility and tactical mobility which make it ideal for a wide spectrum of possible missions.

The Eagle IV comes in three main variants: the Patrol Security Vehicle (Patrouillensicherung / PatSich), Command Vehicle (Führungspersonal / FüPers) and Mobile Medical Team (Beweglicher Arzttrupp / BAT) Vehicle.

So far, 495 Eagle IV vehicles have been produced for the German Bundeswehr. With our model, one of the 453 units of the GFF2 (Patrol Security Vehicles and Utility Vehicles for Command Staff) variant can be built.

In addition to three command versions, there is also a deployment camera squad (Einsatz-Kamera-Trupp / EKT) variant. This one has a mast on the roof with an attached camera for the documentation and direct transmission of footage to the Operations Center of the german Operational Command.

The Eagle IV has proven itself in German foreign missions as part of the ISAF or the UN MINUSMA and was borrowed and used by the Irish Army in Mali for intelligence gathering.

Marking Options & Colour Profiles

The kit includes four different decal & marking options:


  • EKT, Bundeswehr, Germany, 2015

  • FüPers, ISAF, Afghanistan, 2013

  • FüPers, Bundeswehr, MINUSMA, Gao, Mali, 2016

  • FüPers, Irish Army, MINUSMA, Bamako, Mali, 2019


Einsatz-Kamera-Trupp (Camera Squad) & Führungspersonal (Command Staff)

Bundeswehr | International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)

Irish Army United Nations (UN) Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA)


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