Kanonenjagdpanzer / Beobachtungspanzer

German Tank Destroyer / Artillery Observation Vehicle (2 in 1)

DW35031 - Scale 1:35

Our Kit

Item Number:

  • DW35031
  • Scale: 1:35

Product Details

  • Highly detailed static plastic model
  • Can be built as tank hunter or observation vehicle
  • Link & Length tracks included
  • Crew compartment hatches can be built open or closed
  • PE parts included
  • 4 Bundeswehr decal options

Please note:

  • No Figure is included



The Kanonenjagdpanzer, also called Jagdpanzer, Kanone 90mm, was introduced into the German Bundeswehr in 1965 and replaced the U.S. American M41, M47 and M48 in tank destroyer units.

Its task was in the mobile defense to support the infantry in anti-tank defense. Its armament consisted of a 90 mm cannon and 2 7.62 mm machine guns. With its 500 hp (368 kW) engine, the almost 27-tonne vehicle reached a speed of around 70 km/h on the road.

As the armament proved to be too weak over time, some of the gun destroyers were converted to rocket destroyers and others to non-cannon observation/command tanks.
The tank destroyer served in non-active Homeland Security units until 1991.

Marking Options & Colour Profiles

  • KaJaPa, 5. Kompanie, Panzergrenadier-Lehrbataillon 21,
    Hannover, early 1970s
  • KaJaPa, Panzerjägerkompanie 130,
    REFORGER 85 „Central Guardian“, Schwalmstadt Area
  • KaJaPa, Panzerjägerkompanie 160,
    Schwarzenbek, 1984
  • BeoPz., 6. Kompanie, Panzergrenadierbataillon 32,
    Nienburg, mid 1990s

Built model



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