Pz.Sfl.Ia 5cm Pak38 (VK3.02)

(gp.Mun.Schlepper VK3.02)

Our Kit

Item Number:

  • DW35017

Product Details

  • Fine detailed static plastic models
  • Link and lenght tracks
  • Decalsheet with different markings
  • Detailed open fighting compartment
  • New designed 5cm Pak38 included

Four different marking Options & Colour Profiles

Concept Art of VK302 5cm Pak


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Customer Review

I’ve only been making model tanks for a year after a 60 year break but this is the smallest vehicle so far at all of 9cm long; about the same size as the Tiger I 1:72 scale I built in the 60’s.

I panicked a bit when I opened the box and saw how small the components were.

However, it’s a well engineered kit and nicely detailed with only an odd piece to fill or trim.

It constructs well though the order of assembling and painting needs a bit of working out but that’s probably just me.

The tracks were easy to assemble but difficult to wrap round the wheels but again that’s probably just lack of experience.

I used the AMMO Panzer Grey set to paint, wash and grime parts of the vehicle. The paint airbrushes well, as you’d expect, the wash can be used straight from the jar and the grime handles well enough.

All in all a really good build and a nice looking result.