Schwerer kleiner Panzerkampfwagen

German Heavy Tank Project 1944 (2 in 1)

DW35019 - Scale 1:35

Our Kit

Item Number:

  • DW35019

Product Details

  • Highly detailed static plastic model
  • 2 different barrel versions included
    (10,5cm leFH43 & 10cm PAW)
  • Optional nightvision gear included
  • 6 marking versions offered
  • Link & Lenght tracks
  • Photo-Etch-Parts included

Please note:

  • No Figures are included

History & Decal Options

This tank destroyer is something like the heavily armored cousin of the German Hetzer. Weighing in approximately at 30 tons, this vehicle should effectively destroy enemy tanks.
The project did not progress beyond the concept phase and was never built for the Wehrmacht.
The model is exciting for anyone who would like to build What-If / Wehrmacht 1946 models.

With our kit, either the version with the 10,5-cm-leichte Feldhaubitze 43 or the version with the 10cm Panzerabwehrwerfer can be built.

The kit includes six different markings:

  • Unknown Unit, Germany 1945
  • Unknown Unit, Hamburg, Germany 1945
  • Unknown Unit, Berlin, Germany 1945
  • Unknown Unit, Freudenstadt, Schwarzwald, Germany 1946
  • Unknown Unit, Germany 1945
  • Unknown Unit, Germany, Winter 1945/1946

Concept Art


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