2cm Salvenmaschinenkanone

SMK 18 - Typ 2


  • Highly detailed breach and carriage assemblies
  • Working elevation and sight mechanism
  • Choice of optical or iron sights
  • Positionable stabilizer arms
  • Photoetched detail parts


  • 1:35

Item Number

  • DW35005


Aside from the physical attributes evident in the existing prototype; caliber, number of barrels, overall dimensions, function of the elevation and traverse mechanisms, etc... very little is known for certain about the Salvenmaschinenkanone (SMK) 18 Typ 2.

Its 8 barrels were designed to fire simoultaneously, sending an enormous amount of metal into the air with each cycle of its massive bolt.
It would have been operated by a crew of 3-4 operators. The aiming mechanism controls were operated by the crewman in the right hand seat. The loader(s) would have been located on the rear platform.

Charging handles were located on either side of the breech block and were reachable from the rear platform.

The technological and manufacturing challenges encountered in getting all 8 chambers to succesfully and safely fire at a high enough rate to justify the adoption of this weapon over other proven weapons of the period relegated it to the role of future museum piece almost from the outset.

Colour Profiles

Rheinmetall Test Shooting Range, 1939

Unknown Unit, Berlin, 1945


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