Four new Figures - Ideal with our anti-aircraft guns

Matching our anti-aircraft guns, we have created four figures for you.
Of course you can also use them for other models and dioramas. Between ourselves, the commander is well trained and will also command other units if necessary and the Ammo Carrier does not really care where he delivers the things. ;)

All four figures are made of resin and are in 1:35 scale.

DWF004 - Flakvierling Gunner (Richtschütze)

DWF005 - SMK Gunner (Richtschütze)

DWF006 - Anti-Aircraft Officer / AA-Commander (Flakoffizier / Kommandant)

DWF007 -  Ammo Carrier (HiWi / Auxiliary Volunteer)

We hope you like these figures and look forward to your feedback!
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Best Regards
Das Werk-Team

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    Edward B Ragin Sr (Sunday, 27 March 2022 18:51)

    Would like to see a 1/16 Stug III with a detailed interior.