Product Announcements - Nuremberg 2020

We are thrilled to present our current newcomers to the International Toy Fair Nuremberg (Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg) 2020!
We will release seven new kits and four figures in the foreseeable future.

This also means that it is difficult to describe everything in detail here. We only briefly write about all projects here. All information and of course pictures, you will find on the detail pages linked below.

We can not decide which novelty is the highlight, but our first airplane in 1:32 scale certainly stands out very much. There is a lot of passion in this project, as can be seen in the short story about an air battle of the fighter. We are very proud of this kit, which will offer you a variety of different construction options.

Let us look at another curiosity, the German Kugelpanzer. A strange little vehicle that found its way from Germany to Japan, only to be captured by Soviet troops in Manchuria. The kit is detailed but very suitable for beginners.

Manufacturers did not pay attention to the Einheitsanhänger 5t (Standard Trailer) for a long time, although it was used so often in World War 2 and there are therefore countless design options. Das Werk Scale Models is now launching a plastic model on the market.

We have already worked successfully with Takom and released their three Panthers in a simpler and cheaper version. Why shouldn't we listen to your feedback and do it all over again? Yes, we also couldn't think of a reason.
That is why we publish the PzKpfwg. VI Ausf.B Tiger II in a new version with a good value. We explain the differences on the product page.

For a long time there was no plastic model of the Kettenkrad (Kleines Kettenkraftrad Sd.Kfz.2). Now there will be a kit available again.

You thought the kit behind the number DW35001 cannot surprise you? That must be the single Faun L900 from the set?
But you underestimated us... The new Faun comes with a Hardtop and we also improved parts of the model. Check out the product page for more details!

What should not be missing in an anti-aircraft position? Except the anti-aircraft gun, the crew or ammunition? Of course, a radar station. In cooperation with Amusing Hobby we created the FMG 39 / FuSE 62 D „Würzburg“.

Last but not least, we have designed some figures that go well with our Flakvierling and / or the SMk.

The products are listed here and by clicking on the image or button you can go to the product page with further information.

Estimated Release Dates*

DW35005 2cm Salvenmaschinenkanone mid-February 2020
DW35020 Kleines Kettenkraftrad Sd.Kfz.2 mid-February 2020
DW35013 PzKpfwg. VI Ausf.B Tiger II mid-March 2020
DW35014 FMG 39 / FuSE 62 D „Würzburg“ mid-April 2020
DW32001 Ju EF-126 „Elli“ / EF-127 „Walli“ (3 in 1) mid-May 2020
DW35006 Einheitsanhänger 5t mid-June 2020
DW35001 Faun L900 Hardtop mid-July 2020
DW35016 To be announced mid-August 2020
DW35015 German Kugelpanzer To be announced
DWF004 Flakvierling Gunner (Richtschütze) To be announced
DWF005 SMK Gunner (Richtschütze) To be announced
DWF006 Anti-Aircraft Officer / AA-Commander (Flakoffizier / Kommandant) To be announced
DWF007 Ammo Carrier (HiWi / Auxiliary Volunteer) To be announced

*Please note that the actual dates can still change.

We hope we have met your taste with our current projects. We look forward to your feedback and first reviews! We are happy to receive your opinions and questions about the products here as a comment or on our Facebook page or directly via the contact form.
Even if we now announce many new products at once, there are still more in development or conceptual design. Look forward to more good news in the future!

Best Regards
Das Werk-Team

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Comments: 3
  • #1

    ray martial (Thursday, 30 January 2020 17:18)

    FAUN L 900 crane , pristche
    Bussing Nag 900 tank transpoter , pristche
    trailer for 35014 generator , et tout l'équipement flak

  • #2

    Donald Edgecomb (Friday, 23 October 2020 07:19)

    It would be nice to see a generator and trailer to go with the radar and flak guns. I'll also vote for a flak tower base for all the nifty neat new things.

  • #3

    DW_Nils (Thursday, 29 October 2020 14:03)


    since you also wrote to us using the contact form, these suggestions are already noted. :)

    Best Regards
    Das Werk-Team